24 Things I'm Grateful For

Family, friends, and strangers

24 Things I'm Grateful For
Photo by Petr Vyšohlíd / Unsplash
  1. Old friends and the stability they provide
  2. New friends and the surprise of separate lives colliding
  3. Strangers and the kindness in their eyes
  4. The ability to see color
  5. God's gentleness
  6. The ability to read words and write them
  7. The opportunity to share the words I've written
  8. Paperback books
  9. Grocery stores within a 5 mile radius of my house
  10. Houseplants that purify the air I breathe
  11. That I live in a rural enough area where I can see the stars
  12. That I live in a suburban enough area where I feel safe going outside at night
  13. Compassionate people
  14. My generous parents
  15. Hallmark movies
  16. 20th century biographies and good biographers
  17. My wonderful extended family
  18. Book clubs and volleyball games
  19. That I get two days off per week rather than one or none
  20. Fall sunsets
  21. The Bible
  22. Blue light glasses
  23. People with contagious laughter
  24. You