26 Things I'm Grateful For

A few of the many ways God has been good to me

26 Things I'm Grateful For
Photo by Jan Derungs / Unsplash
  1. Grace, mercy, and second chances
  2. The breath in my lungs
  3. Fuzzy socks
  4. A day to spend with my family
  5. That I have a good family
  6. Physical independence and the ability to take care of myself
  7. The ability to read and write
  8. The internet for enabling me to consume and share information
  9. Real friends for loving me despite myself
  10. Insulated walls which shield me from the cold weather
  11. A strong heartbeat
  12. Dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers
  13. Modern plumbing and clean water
  14. Towels
  15. Friends who text me "Happy Thanksgiving"
  16. Stuffing
  17. Good eyesight
  18. A college education
  19. Career opportunities
  20. Ghost.org for hosting this blog
  21. Cloud computing for making it affordable to host this blog
  22. The convenience e-commerce provides
  23. Money in the bank
  24. My smartphone and unlimited data
  25. Creators who have inspired me to change my life
  26. You, reading this