Searching for Purpose

Create and Serve

Searching for Purpose
Photo by Julian Hochgesang / Unsplash

Better than "how to find your purpose," is "how to live a purposeful life."

Conventional wisdom tells us to meditate, journal, and look within to find what we were made to do.

The problem with this approach is that it leaves out the two actions which consistently point to a purposeful life.

  1. Creating
  2. Serving

You don't have to figure out a mission statement first. You just have to start.

Humans were built to create--write, build, paint, film, dance, code. Bring order and beauty into the world.

Humans were built to serve--make someone's life easier even though it costs us. Help people who need it.

Creating and serving allow us to transcend our animal selves and touch the heavenly realms.

Your actions don't have to be grand or spectacular or important. Just bring something into existence that wasn't there before. Alleviate someone else's struggle wherever you can.

Watch how it changes you.

Your purpose isn't a singular mission statement. It's a way of living, a way of showing up in the world.

The details may change, but I've never seen a meaningful life without creation or service.

And the beautiful thing is, where you find one, you'll often find the other.