Only Human Dancers

Harder than it looks

Only Human Dancers
Photo by Ahmad Odeh / Unsplash

Kate: "Turns out, I can't do anything."
Tom: "The whole being special thing is overrated. I think just to be a human being is hard. You know, really hard... What's wrong with not knowing, you know, being inconsistent, just uncertain? Why do you have to be anything?"

When I was in grade school, I took two years of ballet classes. My instructor--a sharp woman in her early sixties who couldn't have been over 5 feet tall--always reminded us, "it's your job as a dancer to make it look easy."

Don't let the audience see you sweat, strain, or furrow your brow.

The problem was, it's not easy to remember every move, execute every turn, and look graceful while doing it.

Which is to say, it's harder than it looks.

In a society driven by comparison, it's easy to forget we're all watching other peoples' recitals.

In our deepest struggles, we think, how can other people go about their life with such ease?

In truth, they make it look easier than it is. Not because they're fake, but because they're decent. They don't want to dump their issues and shortcomings on everyone they meet.

Being human is hard, no matter who you are.

From one human to another, thank you for showing up everyday even when it's a struggle.

The life you're dancing is beautiful.

*The opening dialogue is from a scene in the movie Last Christmas. Highly recommend if you like rom coms.