Rich and Famous

The more you gain, the more you lose.

Rich and Famous
Photo by Derek Thomson / Unsplash

The more you gain, the more you lose.

The more square-footage you purchase, the more house to clean. You lose your time.

The more famous you get, the more attention you garner (on your strengths and weaknesses). You lose your privacy.

The more friends you make, the more people you have to keep happy. You lose your solitude.

The more people who work for you, the more responsibility on your shoulders. You lose your freedom.

The more money you accrue, the more anxiety over losing it. You lose your contentment.

The more status you get, the more targets on your back. You lose your peace.

The more you protect yourself, the higher your walls. You lose your vulnerability.

The more I learn, the less I'm sure of.

I have bought into the American dream. Work hard, succeed, strive for more.

But for everything I gain, I lose something.

Do I want to be rich and famous? Maybe not.