The Wish Barometer

"Your wish is my command."

The Wish Barometer
Photo by Payton Tuttle / Unsplash

“Your wish is my command.”

You rub the bottle. The genie swirls out. He gives you that line.

What are your 3 wishes?

When I was a little kid I wished to fly, to teleport, to control water.

When I got a little older I wished for money, for success, for admiration.

When I get a little wiser I’ll wish for love, for joy, for peace… come to think of it, the fruits of the spirit.

Maybe the things I wish for are a barometer of my maturity.

Are they about me or others? Things or people? Comfort or courage?

Maybe they’re a barometer of my imagination.

Am I becoming more crotchety or childlike? Presumptuous or curious? Stubborn or innovative?

Maybe they’re a barometer of my priorities.

Am I chasing pleasure or purpose? Fame or legacy? Cheap thrills or fulfillment?

In the Bible, God asks King Solomon what he wants. Solomon asks for wisdom to rule God’s people justly. God is so pleased with Solomon’s answer that he gives him wisdom plus all the riches he didn’t ask for.

If I were granted my 3 wishes today, would I be embarrassed by what I asked for? Would God himself be pleased with my request?