Yes it's Hard... Until it Isn't

Yes it's Hard... Until it Isn't
Photo by Jelmer Assink / Unsplash

If you’re currently out of shape and you want to get in shape, here’s a secret that everyone who is in shape already knows (even if only subconsciously). Yes it’s difficult. Yes it hurts. Yes it’s hard… until it isn’t.

When you’re starting out, every aspect of “getting fit” feels overwhelming. Take running for example. The first mile you run is painful. Your lungs don’t feel big enough. Your legs don’t feel strong enough. You’re only 5 minutes in and all of a sudden, your fitness goals don’t feel worth it anymore.

Or maybe you start at the gym. You muster up the courage to walk into a “fitness center” and sign up for a membership. You even walk past the treadmills and ellipticals straight toward the bona fide gym equipment. You hop on a machine that looks self-explanatory enough, but immediately start sweating, not from physical exertion, but because you’ve become hyperaware of everyone around you. They’re judging me. Everyone here is ripped. They can definitely tell this is my first time here.I’m probably doing this wrong. To top it all off, the next day you’re sore. Everything hurts. You can’t sit down without hurting, you can’t stand up without hurting, and you can’t walk without hurting (assuming it was leg day).

At this point, doubtful thoughts start bombarding your consciousness. You start to think, maybe this isn’t for me. Maybe it’s for them.

I’m here to tell you, it is for you and you can be a they if you just do one thing: stick with it.

All those Greek “gods” and “goddesses” in the gym or on the track didn’t start that way. Sure, they may have better genetics or maybe they started working out earlier than you, but nobody (who’s normal) popped out of the womb with a six pack and defined triceps. When they started, they probably felt the same things you’re feeling now.

Once you get past the growing pains, it isn’t so bad. In fact, you might come to enjoy the process of exercise in itself. That isn’t to say you’ll never get sore. It’s not to say that exercise won’t hurt now and then. And I’m definitely not saying you won’t feel unmotivated sometimes. I am saying that it gets easier. The doubtful thoughts will subside, you’ll get used to the soreness, and your lungs won’t burn as much.

I know I’m writing about fitness as an example, but this concept can apply to anything you’re new at whether that’s learning to code, speaking a new language, or starting a business. The beginning is always going to be bumpy, but stick with it. Just remember, yes it’s hard… until it isn’t.