22 Questions for Year 22

22 Questions for Year 22
Photo by NEOM / Unsplash

I turned 22 this year, and most of the lessons I've been learning have come in the form of questions. Here are a few I've been asking:

  1. Who would I be if I didn't need to be important?
  2. What would my days look like if my time wasn't mine?
  3. How would I act if I saw people the way God sees people?
  4. What if I looked for reasons to stay instead of reasons to leave?
  5. What would my life look like if people were the most important thing in it?
  6. Not what should I do with my life, but what should I never do?
  7. Who will I become in 5 years if I continue on the path I've been on, and do I like her?
  8. How would I use my money if I wasn't worried about running out?
  9. What if I corrected myself more than I corrected others?
  10. What if I lived out my faith more than I talked about it?
  11. Does this thing I’m about to say need to be said?
  12. Does this thing I’m about to say bring forth life or death?
  13. What would I do if I were building a life instead of a resume?
  14. Where would I travel if the travel wasn't for my pleasure but for serving others?
  15. Is personal happiness a worthy goal to aim for?
  16. What would it look like if I loved the people I'd rather avoid?
  17. How can I delight in people the way Jesus did?
  18. Can I be happy if I never live anywhere else?
  19. What's possible if I let go of my plans?
  20. What if I let the work toughen me instead of overwhelm me?
  21. What commitments can I make that would set me free more than tie me down?
  22. Am I looking for greener grass or watering my lawn?

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