25 Things I'm Grateful For

Little things

25 Things I'm Grateful For
  1. To live in a place with all four seasons
  2. To live in a place where roads are repaired
  3. To live in a time when electricity exists
  4. For clean and dry socks
  5. For available and clean water
  6. For a quality education
  7. For opportunities all around
  8. For the chance to help people
  9. For the people who help me
  10. For soup and salad
  11. For local agriculture
  12. For fall and winter sunsets
  13. For oversized cotton shirts
  14. For central heating and cooling
  15. For public bathrooms all around my country
  16. For indoor swimming pools
  17. For outside hiking trails
  18. For a voice to sing
  19. For hands to play music
  20. For surprises
  21. For dental floss
  22. For Christmas lights
  23. For friends like family
  24. For steady love
  25. For new love

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